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Seal IV

Strategic Entrepreneurial Assistance
and Lending for Veterans

About Seal IV

SEAL IV assists veterans who wish to become self-employed entrepreneurs by providing start-up capital, networking access, and self-funded training, thereby enabling them to participate proudly in civilian and business activities.

SEAL IV supports this next great generation with a proud sense of responsibility to our country.  A generation that will provide guidance to future generations, through the restoration of our core values and the backing of our nation’s mission.

 As a nation, we are built upon the spirit of entrepreneurship. It is the duty of every American to assist these brave men and women in achieving the true ‘American Dream’: owning their own small business. SEAL IV helps veterans realize the Dream through financing, training and mentoring.

Given our superior experience, we are able to anticipate challenges and privide informed recommendations and solutions. We are experts in difficult projects. Thus, you can rest assured you are working with time-honed experts leveraging our years of experience.

Why Seal IV

Inspiration, innovation, beauty, and style. The Home Wrights experience transcends the realm of brick, stone, and glass weaving a tapestry of comforts, memories, and dreams. From the very first spark of inspiration to the final brushstroke of detail, every step is a journey of discovery and creation. 

It’s about the thrill of imagining possibilities, the joy of witnessing plans take shape, and the fulfillment of seeing a space come alive with personality and purpose. Add your family, friends and colleagues to forge stories shared, filled with happiness and lifelong relationships.

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